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Info for the canoe descent of the Mondego

Every participants should read this page's info !!!

Important:. As you might already know, you'll have guides both in the water and following the descent in 4x4s(some of which are or were lifeguards) in a ratio of 1 guide for each 12 people! No other company gives you so much safety.

Booking: You should book a few days in advance. Specially if you want to book your descent during a weekend, it's absolutely convenient to book earlier. Booking weekday descents is usually a lot easier, sufficing a couple of days before.

Usually, during the week (or in the afternoon period), the descents are much more quiet and less crowded. This means you can peacefully enjoy nature at its best.

Age: Min 5 year old. Kids under 12 should have adults supervision. You don't have to be able to swim but you should inform the guides about this or other relevant issues (health limitations and alike) before the descent.

Supplied equipment: tandem Sit-on-top Kayak, buoyancy aids, backrests, paddles, 23 ltr container (to carry your snacks, sunscreen, shoes…) We can supply wet-suits if previously requested.

You should bring: Bathing suit, wind-stopper vest, sandals or tennies, towel and a full set of dry clothes (inc dry shoes), snacks and drinking water, sunscreen, photo camera (waterproof is better), rucksack or backpack to keep your things.

Meeting point: We can meet in two different places, at 10h30m where the descent begins (close to Penacova) or at 9h30m where the descent ends (in Mondego's right bank - just facing Torres do Mondego fluvial beach). In the first case, cars are parked close to the point where the descent begins and we transfer the participants after the descent; otherwise, acars are parked close to the fluvial beachand the transfers are made before the descent.

We strongly advise meeting us close to Penacova to avoid all the mess caused by the hundreds of people who catch the buses in the fluvial beach for the descents of the several companies operating in the Mondego. Apart from that, frequently, the parking at the fluvial beach is chaotic being even difficult to take the cars out of the fluvial beach at the end of the descent.

Meeting point at the beggining

Meeting point at the end

How to get there

Getting to the begin

Leave A1 highway to Coimbra Norte; after the toll, you've entered directly in the IP3 to Viseu; ignore the exits to Coimbra and, after a few kilometers, exit to Penacova - V.Nova de Poiares; in the first roundabout (with the wooden boat), cross the viaduct; in the second roundabout, turn left, descending untill you get to a bridge over the river; cross the bridge over the Mondego (with yellow handrails) and turn immediately right afterwards; after crossing the villages of Carvoeira and Ronqueira, you will find a large road that lead to your right - go there and wait in the non tarmacked space before the bridge over the Mondego (Louredo's bridge); call us.

Getting to the end

Leave the A1 highway to Coimbra-Sul; follow the signs to Coimbra-Centro (Lisboa N1); after crossing the Rainha Sta. Isabel bridge, follow the Estrada da Beira - N17; once you get to Portela's roundabout, do not cross the bridge over the Mondego (that way you would be heading to Lousã; instead, turn left to the N110 that goes to Penacova; go straight ahead, passing by Torres do Mondego village, after which you should pay attention to the sign Barca do Mondego; descend the paved road, following the sign that indicates Praia Fluvial and, as soon as you reach the river bank, go about 100 mts along the river; park there and call us.

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