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Team Building

Team Building (11)

Companies have increasingly been using Motivation and Loyalty Building methods as powerful and efficient tools to provide a proper integration and to stimulate Team Building. They can target the internal public (sales teams, for example), intermediary buyers (distributors and alike) or the final consumer. This option excels for the flexibility of its actions, be they permanent or specifically designed so teams achieve results or goals set by the company.

These goals can be covered in preliminary meetings and worked in an outdoor context so that training room stress becomes a thing of the past. All these points are dealt with in a serious but relaxed and apparently naive way. Participants will perform resourceful tasks and, in an enjoyable manner, be lead to achieve the planned goals. In a training context, all the goals set in the training room will be evaluated by experienced coaches who act as facilitators during the outdoor activity. But now we’re already talking about Outdoor Learning.

This exercise’s substance, stimulates creativity, planning, management skills and above all, flexibility and adjustment to new situations and variables which will naturally emerge. Meeting all the requirements laid down by the organization, the teams goals will be to build a system that should allow a ball to circulate and, in the end, trigger a switch that turns a light on, or moves something. This exercise can be enhanced depending on the type of the used materials (recycled stuff or finest…
Building zone! Think; discuss; build; test… Performance! Building Challenge are highly strategic exercises where teams design and build a structure as a means to achieve their objectives. This is a “space” where the creative and active participation of all participants is fundamental. The participants will face some rules that will make them take some quick decisions and rapidly find solutions because there’s a limited time to work their way through to success!
Each team has its captain, a navigator, a gunner, sailors and a ship. After decorating its caravel, each crew has to navigate through pirates infested seas, gaethering the necessary items to build the flag they will later hoist. A strategy, roll division and entrepreneurship stimulating activity which is very, very fun full… Because to discover is to innovate…
By playing percussion instruments (mostly Portuguese traditional drums) a series of active workshops take place, grouping a company’s employees, for example. This actions are designed so that people get to know each other directly, developing face-to-face relationships and have the opportunity to solve underlying tensions or conflicts. A unique, absolutely original and memorable experience. The drums are used in an original and unparalleled way in workshops co-designed with educators and business trainers.
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