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Team Building

Team Building (11)

Companies have increasingly been using Motivation and Loyalty Building methods as powerful and efficient tools to provide a proper integration and to stimulate Team Building. They can target the internal public (sales teams, for example), intermediary buyers (distributors and alike) or the final consumer. This option excels for the flexibility of its actions, be they permanent or specifically designed so teams achieve results or goals set by the company.

These goals can be covered in preliminary meetings and worked in an outdoor context so that training room stress becomes a thing of the past. All these points are dealt with in a serious but relaxed and apparently naive way. Participants will perform resourceful tasks and, in an enjoyable manner, be lead to achieve the planned goals. In a training context, all the goals set in the training room will be evaluated by experienced coaches who act as facilitators during the outdoor activity. But now we’re already talking about Outdoor Learning.

Recreational games designed to develop interpersonal relationships, team work and stimulate communication. A series of games carried out more or less competitively that, aside from the serious side of the team building, will provide very good and, sometimes, hilarious moments. We can organize this activity indoor or outdoor.
The participants are grouped in teams. Armed with maps, the teams will have to pick their way on the field, giving directions to our drivers who will take them through more or less rough trails to the checkpoints they must find. In some of the checkpoints they may have to participate in group dynamics activities or overcome some challenges in a way to earn more points for their team.
Using a road book or a city map, the teams will have to identify monuments, answer questions of general knowledge or that are related to local places of interest or, still, taste some of the region's gastronomic delicacies in typical taverns. The teams may also have to draw the reproduction of some monuments or take the funniest picture which will later be evaluated by an “extremely demanding” jury… A fun full and cultural way of gaining a deeper knowledge of…
This is an activity planned to promote experience exchange, communication, interpersonal relations and also develop the team work and the personal skills of its participants. It was designed to provide dynamism to incentives. Its targets are dynamic young companies that are investigation oriented and allways in the pursuit of the best solutions to achieve their objectives. The participants finish the corporate adventure with a handful of experiences to tell! We manage to integrate everybody in this activity, given that its…
The Treasure Hunt was developed for corporations and people who believe that an adventure can be a memorable event. We can adapt this action to your business profile with specific solutions that can be used by Personnel Management, Marketing, Coaching and Development areas or to promote products, events, sponsorship and the like.
Raft building is an excelent activity to develop concepts such as team work, communication, resource and time management, planning and strategy. The team defines the building strategy and, using the means at its disposal, builds the raft which should float and carry the whole team. The objective is to reach the opposite river bank with every team members. No one is left behind!
To each employee there’s a matching giant puzzle piece with a pair of coordinates. After a few efforts, the whole team will final get organized and end up recreating its company’s logo in spectacular proportions. This is about sending the message that each and everyone plays a key role in their company. A grand finale for any corporate event (we will offer the video and photographic register).
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