Capitão Dureza

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Rafting the Paiva (Vau-Espiunca)

Whoever has rafted before can try this section. It’s a shorter stretch than the “Espiunca – Bairros” downstream, but with several class 4 rapids, technically more demanding and with a fantastic landscape.

Departing from the pleasant river beach of “Vau”, we warm up at the “Rápido da Parede”, the first big rapid. Next, there’s the need to “portage”. It’s the “Salto do Paiva”, a class 5 drop we avoid for safety issues. Soon after reentering the rafts, we get to one of the more thrilling rapids, the “Escadinhas”, and then we’ll have the “S” and “Três Saltinhos”rapids... From that point on, there’s still plenty of fun untill we reach the take off spot at the bridge of Espiunca.

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