Capitão Dureza

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Rafting en

Rafting en (3)

Imagine an eight person inflatable raft descending a white water river... In charge, an experienced guide, making decisions and shouting controls so that, with a good team effort, the raft can safely follow the correct trajectory...

This is an adrenalin loaded activity (particularly in the biggest and more technical rapids) but which is perfectly safe. You will remember the cool atmosphere, the healthy warmth amongst everybody, the landscape and the won challenges...

This is the most commercial section of white water rafting in Portugal. Classified as a 3 to 3+ (1 to 6), this stretch is for everyone. The “Rápido do stopper” or “Gargantinha” are just two of the most thrilling rapids. Under the command of an experienced guide we overcome the several challenges of the descent. With the right water flow, this stretch is super safe fun with lots of waves and white water. Book now! +351.239.476.701 / +351.918.315.337 / +351.919.079.852…
Whoever has rafted before can try this section. It’s a shorter stretch than the “Espiunca – Bairros” downstream, but with several class 4 rapids, technically more demanding and with a fantastic landscape. Departing from the pleasant river beach of “Vau”, we warm up at the “Rápido da Parede”, the first big rapid. Next, there’s the need to “portage”. It’s the “Salto do Paiva”, a class 5 drop we avoid for safety issues. Soon after reentering the rafts, we get to…
This section has the advantage of being available the whole year, thanks to the daily upstream dam discharges. A cool stretch for the summer. The Minho river has a significant water flow and, although basically flat, there are quite a few “pesqueiras” (stone walls on the banks) that create super fun wave trains. Book now! +351.239.476.701 / +351.918.315.337 / +351.919.079.852 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.