Capitão Dureza

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Mondego by Raft

Have a very nice day with your family! Bring your mother in law, your wife, the kids and the dog. Bring the snacks, the drinks and the ice box... Don't forget the sunscreen and the waterproof camera. These are the rafts we use for the rafting activity (rivers classed 3 to 4) and, therefore, are realy, realy stable (The mondego is a mild class 1 river).

One of Portugal’s most famous canoe descents. This descent starts just downstream of Penacova and finishes on a river beach near Coimbra, after 12 kms of mildly moving water.

This class 1 stretch allows the participation of a wide range of people, even first timers, people unable to swim and kids from 4 years old.

Each raft should have at least 3 adults.


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  • +351.918.315.337 / +351.919.079.852
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