Capitão Dureza

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Rui Lopes

Capitão Dureza, was co-founded in 1995 by Rui and his brother, Paulo, both adventure freaks, with the purpose of sharing their love for nature and spending has much time as possible in the outdoors. Having a deep knowledge of Portugal and Morocco culture, gastronomy and geography, excelling has a whitewater, off-road, trekking and rope activities guide he is one of the most multidisciplinary resident guides of our company and outdoor activities head Manager.

Born in 1971, he’s taught computer science for five years at high schools, and was a computer programmer and computer science consultant for several years.

He’s been a mountain biker, paddler, scuba diver since his late teens and has participated in several adventure expeditions around the world (such as spending a full month crossing Moroccan tracks on an off-road bike). He has also dived in Egypt, Cape Verde and the Caribbean sea (just to name a few destinations). He usually spends his free time doing what he loves the most – Adventure Travels. Talk about mixing business and pleasure!

Being a British Canoe Union Instructor, a former lifeguard, having qualified in Rope Maneuvers, Basic Life Support and the Portuguese Red Cross Rescue Course, he’s always foreseeing any potential risks of danger thus planning activities in a way to maintain the company’s extraordinary zero accidents record.

He has the Pedagogical Aptitude Training Course and has been the Outdoor Head Manager of Coimbra’s MBA Outdoor Learning platform for 10 years.


Rui speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish fluently, a bit of Italian and he’s taking his first steps in German and Arabic. Allways having been a dog person, he’s a relaxed extrovert and a natural born communicator, a red wine and good food lover and will always have excellent restaurant suggestions.

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