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Bernardo Jerónimo

Bernardo (Xouriço as close friends call him), is one of our very cool guides. Reserved and timid at first glance, he’s friendly and always ready to help you out. He´s obtained his Degree in Tourism at Coimbra and he's either working in the outdoors as our guide, as a Lifegard or as a surf/bodyboard instructor.

Featured in the covers of several surf and bodyboard magazines he pulls out the most amazing vertical moves in his bodyboard. He has travelled around the world searching for the perfect surfing spot and is an amazing athlete, alltough very humble. After running for the Bodyboard World's Championship he decided that competing is not his thing. A free surfer as he likes to call himself, he's still sponsored by a few brands of wetsuits and boards for his very good attitude and his excelent skills.

Responsible, athletic and helpfull he doesn't miss a "laugh session". 

Bernardo is a very cool guide, speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish and although discreet he’s always arround to check if there's anything you need to feel good.


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