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Tânia Muxima

Tânia (Muxima as friends name her), is one of our most high spirited guides. With an acute sense of humor (though extremely responsible), she’s got the special touch needed to deal with both kids and adults. Born in 1978, just after obtaining her Degree in Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra she decided to follow the slogan – One life – Live it! She now divides her time between being our canoe and raft guide, a Lifeguard, Bodyboard Instructor and travelling around the world (her favorite hobby).

She enrolled several courses such as the Portuguese Surf Federation Surf and Bodyboard Instructor, the Portuguese Swimming Federation Swimming Instructor, the ISN Lifeguard and the Spanish Rescue Jet ski Operator. She’s been snowboarding, hiking, rafting, surfing virtually everywhere, from Bali to Nepal, from the Swiss Alps to Morocco...

A former dirt bike racer, rowing and rugby athlete, she feels happy with the simple things of life, be it a sunset or a cold beer.

Tânia is a very good communicator, speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish and she’s always ready to share a smile or make people laugh with the most incredible stories.