Capitão Dureza

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Maria João Toureiro

Maria joão, was our associate in our company’s early years. After spending some years away, teaching physical education at high schools, and leading another outdoor company’s team, she came back to bring a breath of fresh air (and her constantly developing skills) to Capitão Dureza. Sharing our love for nature and people, she’s super friendly and allways ready to take the next step towards helping people to enjoy the most of our activities.

Born in 1969 she’s enrolled several courses such as the Pedagogical Aptitude Training for Trainers, Winter Mountaineering Skills, British Canoe Union Kayak Trainer, French Canyoning School’s Canyoning Instructor and has taken part in expeditions to the Pyrenees, the Alps, Morocco, Ecuador and Nepal.

She has been the trainer in courses of Canyoning Self Rescue, Rope Maneuvers and is always seeking more knowledge.

She’s an excellent communicator, a very good listener and speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. Being an excellent cook, when we least expect, she pulls some tasty recipe out of the hat. Utterly responsible and self-motivated, she’s super friendly and will always welcome you with the warmest smile.