Capitão Dureza

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Paulo Lopes

Co-founder of Capitão Dureza in 1995 with his brother, Paulo is a versatile outstanding athlete, a nature lover and a perfectionist. He masters whichever water activity he engages, be it surf, kayak surf, whitewater kayak, spearfishing, sail – you name it. Being a thoroughly experienced off-road, trekking, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, and rope activities guide, Paulo is one of our most competent guides.

Born in 1975, he’s a physical education and swimming teacher as well as a lifeguard.

Since his early teens, he started practicing most of the activities in a self-taught basis, having enrolled several courses later (such as Winter Mountaineering Skills, British Canoe Union Kayak Trainer, French Canyoning School’s Canyoning Instructor, IRF Rafting Trip Leader and the Portuguese Red Cross Rescue Course). He has participated in a few kayak and mountaineering expeditions to Morocco and as also crossed that country’s tracks on an off-road bike). Constantly being invited to support innumerous adventure events in Portugal, he splits his time between diving, kayak surfing, spearfishing, running, raising his kids, teaching and guiding hundreds of people in our activities. (When does this man sleep?)

He’s super self-disciplined and if he’s your guide, you can be sure your safety is in good hands.


Paulo speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. He’s somewhat reserved, at first sight, but he’s always assuring you are safe and comfortable.

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