Capitão Dureza

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Our Guides

Our Guides (5)

Our team is responsible for our success. We're not only talking about our exceptional technical skills, but also our way of being, our hospitality, and the constant concern with your safety and our sense of humor that help making days with us awesome and unforgettable.

You could adventure with other companies of the same area of business, operating in the same places and even cheaper, but it wouldn't be the same!

Capitão Dureza, was co-founded in 1995 by Rui and his brother, Paulo, both adventure freaks, with the purpose of sharing their love for nature and spending has much time as possible in the outdoors. Having a deep knowledge of Portugal and Morocco culture, gastronomy and geography, excelling has a whitewater, off-road, trekking and rope activities guide he is one of the most multidisciplinary resident guides of our company and outdoor activities head Manager. Born in 1971, he’s taught computer science…
Co-founder of Capitão Dureza in 1995 with his brother, Paulo is a versatile outstanding athlete, a nature lover and a perfectionist. He masters whichever water activity he engages, be it surf, kayak surf, whitewater kayak, spearfishing, sail – you name it. Being a thoroughly experienced off-road, trekking, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, and rope activities guide, Paulo is one of our most competent guides. Born in 1975, he’s a physical education and swimming teacher as well as a lifeguard. Since his early…
Maria joão, was our associate in our company’s early years. After spending some years away, teaching physical education at high schools, and leading another outdoor company’s team, she came back to bring a breath of fresh air (and her constantly developing skills) to Capitão Dureza. Sharing our love for nature and people, she’s super friendly and allways ready to take the next step towards helping people to enjoy the most of our activities. Born in 1969 she’s enrolled several courses…
Tânia (Muxima as friends name her), is one of our most high spirited guides. With an acute sense of humor (though extremely responsible), she’s got the special touch needed to deal with both kids and adults. Born in 1978, just after obtaining her Degree in Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra she decided to follow the slogan – One life – Live it! She now divides her time between being our canoe and raft guide, a Lifeguard,…
Bernardo (Xouriço as close friends call him), is one of our very cool guides. Reserved and timid at first glance, he’s friendly and always ready to help you out. He´s obtained his Degree in Tourism at Coimbra and he's either working in the outdoors as our guide, as a Lifegard or as a surf/bodyboard instructor. Featured in the covers of several surf and bodyboard magazines he pulls out the most amazing vertical moves in his bodyboard. He has travelled around…