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  • Paddling the Mondego

    Paddling, we can run waterways anciently used by our ancestors feeling nature in a unique way... This is probably the most searched activity during the warm months of spring and summer.

  • Trekking

    With some snacks on your backpack, forget the car... Delight with the creeks sound and hundreds of singing birds. Enjoy nature’s parfum and breathtaking landscapes, wandering through more or less challenging paths, chosen accordingly to your physical shape.

  • 4x4 Tours

    A fun full and comfortable way of seeing our lovely country. With our friendly guides behind the wheel, you will see historical villages, green valleys, magical creeks, people, roman ruins...

  • Paintball

    Much more than a “war game”, paintball is an interesting educational tool. Strategy, cooperation, organization, field observation, communication… ...all’s at stake...

  • Quad Tours

    Such as with our 4x4 tours, there are lots of different possibilities but, the driver is you and fun is guaranteed. We supply the quads.


About us

Safety above all! Dealing emotions since 1995. Quality service. Environmental responsibility. An enviable portfolio. Still hesitating?

About Safety

Highly trained, experienced and responsible professionals. Technical gear certified to European safety standards. Activities planning with maximum commitment to achieve full success of events.

Our Guides

Judiciously selected. Above average, technical, academic and personal training. Allways concearned about your wellbeing and caring about your expectations.

"We do it, not to escape from life but so life doesn't escape from us." — Our Team

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Bridge Jumping + Abseil (rappel)

Bridge Jumping + Abseil (…

This is a must for strong hearted adrenalin fans. Imagine yourself jumping off a 60 mts high bridge, instantaneously reaching near 120 km/ho...

Paddling the Vouga river

Paddling the Vouga river

A class 1 (initiation) stretch with a spectacular landscape. A very nice alternative to the Mondego river. With a few little rapids, this i...

Paddling the Mondego at Night

Paddling the Mondego at N…

In the hot summer nights, this is diferente and “magical” way of enjoying the longest Portuguese river. With a starlit or moonlit sky, yo...

Paddling the Mondego

Paddling the Mondego

One of Portugal’s most famous canoe descents. This descent starts just downstream of Penacova and finishes on a river beach near Coimbra, af...

Mondego by Raft

Mondego by Raft

Have a very nice day with your family! Bring your mother in law, your wife, the kids and the dog. Bring the snacks, the drinks and the ice b...

Canyoning at Rio Frades

Canyoning at Rio Frades

Being one of the most beautifull commercial canyoning sections in Portugal, Frades canyon has a series of accessible abseils, spectacular p...

Canyoning at Ribeira de Vessadas

Canyoning at Ribeira de V…

A very nice canyoning section if you’re just beginning. In a rural region, with awesome landscape, this canyon is indicated for a first cany...

Canyoning at Rio Teixeira

Canyoning at Rio Teixeira

One of the hottest canyoning sections in Portugal. This River runs close to the village of S.João da Serra (in the region of Oliveira de Fra...

Rafting the Paiva (Vau-Espiunca)

Rafting the Paiva (Vau-Es…

Whoever has rafted before can try this section. It’s a shorter stretch than the “Espiunca – Bairros” downstream, but with several class 4 ra...

Rafting the Paiva (Espiunca-Bairros)

Rafting the Paiva (Espiun…

This is the most commercial section of white water rafting in Portugal. Classified as a 3 to 3+ (1 to 6), this stretch is for everyone. The ...

Quad Tour of Lagoa da Ervideira

Quad Tour of Lagoa da Erv…

The Ervedeira pond is a few ks from Coimbrão (Leiria), not far from the beaches of Vieira de Leira and Pedrógão. The tour crosses pine and o...

Quad Tour of the Shale Villages (Lousã)

Quad Tour of the Shale Vi…

The Serra da Lousã preserves authentic landscape treasures and is an emerging adventure sports destination. Traversing centenary chestnu...